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Hytera GPS

GPS settings for APRS on Hytera devices

In order to be able to send data with the Hytera device APRS, some settings must be made with the DMR device be made. As an example, the settings for the DMR device Hytera PD785G described. With the other Hytera devices with GPS the settings are the same or very similar.

The instructions were created with the firmware V8.XXXX and the corresponding CPS version.

IMPORTANT! GPS works only with the original Hytera antenna. For another antenna, there is no GPS Available. The GPS reception requires more power, which means that the battery gets depleted faster.

  1. The radio is connected to the computer by means of a programming cable. CPS software and Read the codeplug with Read
  2. Under “Conventional”> “General Settings”> “Accessories” under “GPS” for GPS and RSSI Report
    Set a checkmark

3. Under “GPS Trigger”, set a tick for Time (Time) and Distance (Distance).  Specify the desired time interval and distance travelled which will be used to send GPS data to the repeaters. Please bear in mind to not set these values too low, as this can create too many updates to the repeater and interrupt voice QSOs.

Important: The Quick GPS may not be ticked. This is not supported.

4. Enter the desired ID under “Network” at “Radio Services” RRS & Radio. This ID causes,that a corresponding symbol is displayed at Note: Create contacts as Private digital contacts using the applicable ID e.g. 5057 if you want to appear on APRS as -7.

RRS & Radio IDs:
5050 = without SSID
5055 = House QTH
5056 = Camping
5057 = walking with handheld radio
5058 = boat
5059 = car

5. Under “Conventional” “Channel”> “Digital Channel”, select the desired channel. For “GPS Revert
Channel “Selected.

6. Save the code plug (Save) and load it into the radio with “Write”.