In the past year or so there has been an increase in the number of manufacturers of digital radios. Some of which have allowed for amateurs to purchase cheaper “entry level” radios rather than established commercial radios. DMR is a commercial system which amateurs have manipulated for our own use. Being commercial, manufacturers target the commercial user which obviously makes them money and not so much the amateur user.

Prices of new radios can vary from £100 to £900 (on average) for a handheld and £300 to £500 (on average) for a mobile unit. Some manufacturers include free programming cables and CPS – others can get a bit pricey. Please note the guidelines under “choosing a radio”.

Over time more information and manufacturers may be added.


Connect Systems



KYD (Kydera)

Motorola MotoTRBO





TYT (Tytera)

Vertex Standard

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