Currently there are 5 “options” in the UK which are defined on the UK DMR Repeater map (


Phoenix UK

This is the largest DMR network in the UK and also provides a connection to DMR-MARC which stretches over 48 countries and 500 repeaters. This website contains most of the the information a user may require to be able to operate on this network. We have other media as well to provide live updates (including the twitter feed on the home page) – check under the “About Us” menu for more information and contact information.



This network runs a similar talk group structure to Phoenix UK with the addition of reflectors via Slot 2. More information on their talk group structure via and and their reflector structure – note that not all BM UK repeaters have the same talk groups as “always on” so it’s advisable to consult the local repeater keeper or website.

Note that despite the similarities between the Phoenix and BrandMeister talk group structure, the networks are not linked.




  • South West Cluster

This is the larger of the 3 clusters in the UK covering a good area stretching west from Andover / Romsey just into the Welsh border. Note that Phoenix UK has several repeaters in this area as well and they are not connected to the cluster. The talk group layout is Slot 2 / TG950 for the cluster and Slot 1 / TG9 for local. More information about the cluster can be found at

  • Salop

This is a growing cluster covering Shropshire and Borders. The talk group layout is Slot 2 / TG950 for the cluster and Slot 1 / TG9 for local. More information can be found on

  • Northern DMR Cluster

This is a newly formed cluster of 5 repeaters in the north of England – – Note that as at 9th June 2016, the Northern DMR Cluster connected to MARC and is now accessible through the Phoenix Network. Please refer to the announcements page –


Stand Alone

These repeaters are not on a network and run TG9 on both slots (similar to having 2 analogue repeaters in 1 location)


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