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2021-05-02 – GB7EZ (Castle Bromwich) Frequency & CC info updated.

2021-04-21 – GB7HT (Ashington) Operational

2021-04-11 – GB7EZ (Castle Bromwich) New Application.

2021-04-04 – A work-around for today’s outage has been implemented in the DMR+ core. See Announcement page for details.

2021-04-04 – Major failure in the DMR+ CORE NETWORK. See Announcement page for details.

2021-04-02 – Reflector access to 4409 for CQ-UK/WIRESX has been disabled. Access is still available via TG2351. See Announcement page for details.

2021-03-25 – Essential engineering works 12:30-17:00 approx. See Announcement page for details.

2021-03-07 – GB7GR (Grantham) Operational

2021-03-07 – GB7PX (Royston) – Operational – Multimode repeater connected to the Phoenix network.

2021-02-24 – GB7GR (Grantham) Licenced & will soon be operational on the Phoenix network.

2021-02-21 – GB7SY (Sandy) Multimode repeater connected to the Phoenix network.

2021-02-16 – GB7GR (Grantham) New Application

2021-01-19 – GB7DO (Doncaster) Now operational

2021-01-14 – GB7LK (Liskeard) Licenced & will soon be operational on the Phoenix network.

2020-11-18 – GB7DB (Woburn Sands) Shown as Operational by ETCC but awaiting repeater to site – Now fully operational.

2020-09-03 – GB7FO (Blackpool) Frequency change as per ETCC page

2020-08-03 – GB7DS (Norwich) Temporarily moved to Brandmeister network.

2020-06-10 – GB7KU (Bourne) Now operational

2020-06-05 – Additional User Activated links to the Brandmeister network have now been added to the Phoenix server to provide inter-network connectivity for some of the Brandmeister national & regional talkgroups. See Announcement page for details.

2020-05-27 – Readded 2 new applications  GB7DO (Doncaster) & GB7KU (Bourne) following system reload.

2020-04-14 – TG’s 851, 852, 853 carried by DVScot are also available as User Activated on Phoenix repeaters as well as via hotspots using the DMR+ Phoenix-F server

2020-01-26 – TG23526 (UA) link to Hubnet UK added to the Phoenix network. See Announcement page.

2020-01-22 – Talkgroups 1 WW, 2 Europe, 13 WW English, 113 WW English UA1, 123 WW English UA2 are now accessible via hotspots connected to Phoenix F for a trial period. See Announcement page.

2020-01-22 – GB7YL (Lowestoft) Now operational on the Phoenix Network

2019-11-17 – GB7GS (Downham Market) Operational

2019-11-04 – GB7HH (Romford) Soon to join Phoenix as a Multi-network repeater.

2019-11-01 – GB7PX (Royston) New Application. Multimode replacement for GB7PT which is now a Fusion box.

2019-10-29 – GB7OK (Beckenham) Operational.

2019-10-27 – A new User Activated  talkgroup TG5 has been added to the network as a direct link to Australia for short (calling group) contacts. Please use TG113 etc for longer chats.

2019-10-16 – GB7ZE (Hastings) Operational.

2019-10-12 – GB7OK (Beckenham) Licensed.

2019-10-12 – GB7GS (Downham Market) New Application

2019-10-04 – GB7OK (Beckenham) Application. This expected to be be a multi-network repeater (Phoenix/Brandmeister/D-Star)

2019-10-04 – GB7BA (Bradford) Operational

2019-09-26 – GB7LO (Bromley) Operational

2019-09-14 – GB7KK (Ballycastle) Operational

2019-08-31 – GB7BA (Bradford) New application

2019-08-26 – GB7LO (Beckenham) Site change application.

2019-08-18 – GB7ZE (Hastings) New application

2019-08-18 – The old DV4MINI protocol “dongle” is turned off on August 10, 2019. See Announcement page for details.

2019-08-03 – GB7MN (Stockport) Now operational

2019-06-12 – GB7WX (Tarvin, Chester) joins Phoenix

2019-05-05 – GB7SG (Liverpool) Licensed

2019-04-15 – GB7SG (Liverpool) New application [2m]

2019-04-06 – DV Scotland repeaters added to listings page

2019-04-02 – GB7FO (Blackpool) Frequency change.

2019-02-15 – GB7HA (Halstead) Closing down – to be replaced by GB3BZ (Dual Mode – Analogue/DMR)

2019-01-29 – Added TG23590 as static on GB7SK slot 1, and UA on slot 1 for all other repeaters

2019-01-27 – GB7PP (Ipswich) to join Phoenix network (Multimode)

2019-01-09 – GB3BZ (Braintree) – New Application

2018-11-28 – Operational – GB7PR (Preston) – Part of the Northern DMR Cluster)

2018-11-23 – Added TG6550 link to Brandmeitser TG655 (South Africa) – User Activated.

2018-11-07 – New Application – GB7PR (Preston) – Part of the Northern DMR Cluster)

2018-09-24 – Added GB7DC (Derby)

2018-09-18 – There are a few different private talk groups you can send the data to which produce different behaviour on APRS. The Announcement page has further details.

2018-09-15 – You can now send the GPS data of the Anytone D868UV (V2.32 firmware onwards) to See Announcement page for details.

2018-09-15 – Added GB7BD (Bristol)

2018-09-11 – Phoenix-f has now moved to See Announcement page for details.

2018-09-08 – GB7RK (Belfast) New application

2018-08-29 – GB7PT (Royston) Colour Code change from CC3 to CC10

2018-08-29 – Added GB7EB (Beccles)

2018-08-26 – There’s a further update to the announcement posted on 22/08. See Announcement page for more details.

2018-08-22 – Users can now connect to our Phoenix-E server to get dongle access via MMDVMs. See Announcement page for more details.

2018-07-26 – GB7PY (Cambridge) Status changed from Licensed to Operational

2018-07-17 – GB7AB (Aberdeen) Licensed

2018-06-28 – Phoenix TG2353 linked to Brandmiester TG2353. See Announcement page for more details.

2018-06-24 – GB7YL (Lowestoft) New Application – Vetting

2018-06-16 – GB7DE (Edinburgh) Licensed

2018-04-02 – GB7DX (New Romney, Kent) Now operational.

2018-02-17 – GB7BJ (Malvern) is now operational on the Phoenix network

2018-02-15 – Maintenance is scheduled to start at 04:00 GMT Saturday 17th Feb 2018. We hope to have it completed within 2 hours. During this time Phoenix-F will not be available.

2018-02-11 – The Phoenix-F server (for dongles etc) has changed IP address as of today. The new IP is

2018-02-11 – XLX922 is now linked to TG850 and accessible via DMR+ Ref 4450. See Announcement page for more info.

2018-02-06 – Testing Phoenix UK connection to XLX network. New User Activated talk group TG2352 (Slot 1) is connected to XLX922. See Announcement page for more info.


2018-01-17 – Group Facebook page now available

2018-01-11 – Happy New Year! The latest version of IPSC2 server has been installed. See Announcement page for more info.


2017-12-30 – GB7HZ (Strabane) is now operational


2017-11-18 – GB7WS (Bury St Edmunds)  is now Operational


2017-10-31 – Kempton Park Rally – Sunday 5th November 2017 – See Announcement page for info.


2017-09-24 – GB7PY (Cambridge) Licensed; GB7WS (Bury St Edmunds) Licensed; GB7CF (Folkstone) Operational; GB7WW (Trowbridge) Operational


2017-08-06 – User Activated Talkgroups page revised to reflect usage on new servers


2017-07-02 – IMPORTANT NOTE: Users accessing the Phoenix UK network via dongles (dv4minis, mmdvm, dvmega, openspots) need to update their software to point to our new server. See for more information.


2017-06-16 – TG260 is now available on slot 1 as a user activated group on all Phoenix UK repeaters. This will allow access to the Polish national talk group.

2017-06-13 – GB7TH (Broadstairs) Operational

2017-06-12 – There seems to be some confusion how text and call alerts work on Phoenix UK. See for more information.

2017-06-11 – New facility available on Phoenix  Type help for a list of commands

2017-06-09 – GB7HM (Northern DMR Cluster) has had TG820 added as Always On.


2017-05-22 – Following on from earlier successful experiments with GB7NF, G4TSN is now trialling some alternative technology to allow MMDVM repeaters to be “dual homed” on both the Phoenix UK and BrandMeister networks. See Announcement page for details –

2017-05-09 – GB7MF (Magherfelf – Northern Ireland) New Application

2017-05-04 – Two announcements added regarding Phoenix access to Fusion &  private calls via mmdvm dongles. See Announcement page for details –


2017-04-23 – GB7HZ (Strabane) New Application

2017-04-08 – Dongle users please be advised that TG801 has been moved to its new home on Ref 4491. We are now hosting TG80-84 on Ref 4401-4405. See for full details.

2017-04-06 – GPS to APRS is now supported for MD-380 and MD-390 Radios as well as Hytera devices,  for all repeaters connected to Phoenix-D,Phoenix-E, and Dongles. Please see and for further details


2017-02-05 – GB7TA (Thorpe St Andrew) Repeater closed down.

2017-01-26 – New: Tuesday Tech Net starting on 31-01-17 TG840 & DMR+ 4440. See Announcement page for details –

2017-01-10 – GB7RE (Retford) Operational

2017-01-07 – More DMR Plus reflectors are linked to Phoenix talk group’s incl. all regions, 235, 83 & 84. See for details.



2016-12-29 – GB7AS (Ashford), GB7CK (Folkstone) & GB7EK (Whitstable) now linked on TG9 slot 2

2016-12-29 – GB7SC (Bognor) and GBPK (Portsmouth) now linked on TG9 slot 2

2016-12-22 – Regional TG850 (Scotland) added to hotspot trial

2016-12-13 – GB7CT (Tring) added to regional TG801

2016-12-12 – Hotspot access survey/feedback requested. See the Home Page for details.

2016-12-04 – DMR+ reflector allocations for hotspot connections to Phoenix have changed.  See for details.

2016-12-03 – Regional TG870 (Wales & Marches) added to hotspot trial

2016-12-03 – Regional TG880 (Northern Ireland) added to hotspot trial


2016-11-29 – GB7PY (Cambridge) New Application

2016-11-26 – Dongle access to TG840 for trial period. See Announcement page for further details.

2016-11-14 – GB7PK (Portsmouth) Operational

2016-11-10 – GB7WW (Trowbridge) New Application

2016-11-10 – GB7NO (Northampton) Now Licensed [info from repeater keeper]

2016-11-06 – GB7ND (Great Ellingham) Now Operational

2016-11-06 – GB7TH (Broadstairs) Now Licensed


2016-10-29 – GB7HA (Halstead) Now Operational

2016-10-28 – GB7ND (Great Ellingham) Now licensed

2016-10-28 – GB7HA (Halstead) Now licensed

2016-10-10 – GB7EP (Epsom) Now operational again following completion of construction work on-site.


2016-09-09 – GB7TA (Thorpe St Andrew {Norwich}) Status changed from Licensed to Operational


2016-08-01 – A number of tests have been conducted between DMR+ and Phoenix – See Announcement section


2016-07-11 – GB7AL (Ipswich) Status changed from Licensed to Operational

2016-07-06 – GB7AL (Ipswich) Status changed from Application to Licensed

2016-07-05 – GB7TA (Thorpe St Andrew {Norwich}) Status changed from Application to Licensed


2016-06-26 – GB7EP (Epsom) Non-operational from 26/6/16 for 12-16 weeks for construction work on-site.

2016-06-24 – GB7VS in Shropham Changing to GB7ND in Great Ellingham (Currently Non-Operational pending site change)


2016-05-20 – GB7TA (Thorpe St Andrew {Norwich}) New Application added.

2016-05-17 – Update of “About DMR / Networks” due to the formation of a new Cluster

2016-05-09 – GB7RE (Retford) TG801 slot 2 added as an ‘Always On’ group {Trial period}.

2016-05-08 – GB7AL (Ipswich) New Application added

2016-05-07 – GB7AS (Ashford) Status changed from Licenced to Operational

2016-05-07 – TG801 now operational for SE England. TG803 Removed from service

2016-05-03 – GB7SK (Leicester) TG801 slot 2 added as an ‘Always On’ group {Trial period}.

2016-05-02 – GB7VS (Shropham) Status changed from Licenced to Operational

2016-05-01 – Announcement from the Phoenix UK Admins added regarding TG801/802 in the SE.


2016-04-24 – GB7MP (Southwark) Removed from listing – keeper not yet confirmed network

2016-04-17 – GB7SK (Leicester) Status changed from Licenced to Operational

2016-04-15 – GB7MP (Southwark) Status changed from Vetting to Licenced

2016-04-08 – GB7SK (Leicester) Status changed from Application to Licenced

2016-04-08 – GB7IQ (Stafford – UHF) Status changed from Application to Licenced

2016-04-08 – GB3IP (Stafford – VHF) Status changed from Application to Licenced

2016-03-22 – GB7UZ (Lancaster) Status changed from Application to Operational

2016-03-19 – GB7SK (Leicester) New Application added.

2016-03-05 – GB7FU (Pointon) Status change from Licenced to Operational


2016-02-27 – GB7FI (Axbridge) Status change from Licenced to Operational

2016-02-26 – GB7XX (Felling) Removed at keepers request.

2016-02-24 – GB7UZ (Lancaster) New Application added.


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