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Currently there are several options in the UK which are defined on the UK DMR Repeater map ( Whilst there are many independant networks/clusters, work has (and still is) taking place to create some interlinks.

Phoenix UK (

This is the largest DMR network in the UK and also provides a connection to DMR-MARC which stretches over 48 countries and 500 repeaters. DMR Plus is also linked in to provide reflector access to Phoenix UK and DMR-MARC. This website contains most of the the information a user may require to be able to operate on this network.

Northern DMR Cluster (

This is an independant cluster of repeaters in the North that are connected into Phoenix UK for national and international access.

DV Scotland (

This is a group based in Scotland also using the IPSC2 server. DV Scotland has interlinks with Phoenix UK to provide access to DMR-MARC as well as Phoenix UK national talk groups.

BrandMeister (

Another international network with a massive following of hotspot users compared to connected repeaters (around 75% / 25%). BM UK and Phoenix UK are working together to provide some linking between the two networks.


This is a growing independant cluster of repeaters in Shropshire & the Welsh Borders, Hereford & Worcester, Gloucestershire, Staffordshire, the Black Country (West Midlands), and the Cotswolds. Whilst they operate as a cluster, they are also interlinked into Brandmeister UK for wider national coverage as well as providing hotspot access into the cluster.

FreeDMR (

This is the newer of all the networks. Their UK talk group structure is similar to that of Brandmeister as well as international links. There may be a plan at some point to initiate some interlinking between FreeDMR and Phoenix UK.

South West Cluster (

This is an independant cluster with several repeaters and no links to other networks.


There are some repeaters in the UK that are not linked to networks or other repeaters, which could be classed as “Stand Alone”.

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